“4TH OF JULY” 4 Day Vacation

Vacation YAY… The lake here we come RV behind us in the truck. Family time and rexlaction can you say yes please. Rusty mom got us a rv spot for helpijg her fix her lake cabin. Ready for this trip baby girl gets to swim and have some time with family.

We will be by the pool and fishing at the lake heck yes to that. Grilling out and a fire to have Smores yes please. Now to get the rv ready for us to go ugh lol. We live in this rv full time so not hard right nope. Baby girl toys go everywhere and making sure her stuff and ours does not move okay. Let’s get this done pack up what needs to be packed so it does not move. Sweep and mop the floors wipe down everything.

Getting the food we will need for the 4 days okay let’s do this. Ground beef, hot dogs, brats, salad, bread, chips, chicken, fruit, and drinks. Okay I think we have it all and a few more things lol. Also got stuff for baby girl to eat. What I did not get faimly will as we will all be together but at different sites.

OMG we leave tomorrow Ive been writing this when I have time which has not been alot sorry. Things to do tomorrow make sure cabinets are closed tight and fridge won’t open while traveling. Make sure everything is hooked up right. We will have about a 30 minute drive to the lake.

Made it to the lake we just relaxed and had fun the whole weekend we were there. Sorry I did not use my phone as I did not have serves.


Stay At Home Mom

Well its been awhile on writing. I ended up getting a job for awhile but it did not last as Baby Girl was needing me. I’m thrilled to be back home full time with my baby girl. We will be babysitting over the summer.

So lets do a update Baby Girl is almost 8 months old she eats Baby food twice to three times a day and is now on formula. She usually has about four bottles a day and either a juice or pedlight a day. We try to goto the park at least once or twice a week.

She has been rolling around to get were she wants to go. She also got her first tooth. I’m glad that I’m not missing any more of her first. She says mama, dada, baba, bye bye, and hi. With me now back home full time I can get the rv back were it needs to be. Hubby helped but I am piticular on how it needs to be. My only issue with him is he does not wash bottles or put stain remover on baby girls clothes when they need it.

But it’s okay I’ll be able to fix it and get everything back in shape. I’m trying to get a budget in order so we can be better organized and prepared for when we need things from the store. I still shop for meats once a month and twice a month for fruits and vegetables. I still wouls like to get a garden but we will have to wait till we get a house.

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Homemade Vs. Store Bought Gifts

What is a good gift idea homemade or bought gifts? For me I like making homemade gifts but I also like to buy gifts every once in awhile. For my daughter I am buying some toys for her. For my nieces we got one a dress and the second a unicorn toy for the third we got a doll. For a cousin we got him a bike that I had. For a cousin kids we got them coloring books and colors.

For Christmas gifts for my Grandma I made coasters and I printed up a family picture for her. For my uncle I made a sign with deer antlers and his initial. For my parents I made a grand kids sign that holds pictures of my daughter I also did one for my Mother in law with all her grand kids. For my father in law we did shelves for his laundry room. For my cousin two kids I have a letter of there names and decorated in the theme of there rooms.

So I guess you could say I did a lot of homemade gifts this year butt here is a few store bought gifts. I really know which I would pick but if I had to I would say homemade. There is so many ideas out there on the internet that’s were I get mine from. So homemade gifts are more sentimental then store bought. I think that’s one of the reasons I like homemade gifts. I know this is a short blog sorry I just know that I prefer homemade but I also know that there are people that prefer store bought.

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Traveling with a Three Month Old

The first time we are traveling with our baby girl. We are headed to Mississippi to see my family drive will be 7 to 8 hours so we plan to go at night so we dont mess up her sleep schedule. I know I over packed for baby girl. I have all her 3 to 6 months clothes in a bag with her towels and wash cloths and bibs and 4 to 5 blankets. Then she has a second bag that has her diapers and wipes and medicine and bath stuff and toys and formula and bottles. Also we will have her diaper bag. We wont have to bring her swing or tub and bed as my parents have that for her at there place. I’m glad about that as are car will be packed with baby girl stuff and hubby’s and my things also the Christmas gifts and a extra base for the car seat for my dads truck and the baby stroller and the pot to fry a turkey. I am excited to go spend time with my family as we do not see them a lot. Also I’m excited because when we come back my parents will be coming as well they are moving to be with us.
One of the reason I have over packed we will be in Mississippi for the month of December. While we are traveling we are hoping baby girl sleeps through the night while we drive if she does not then Ill be in the back with her keeping her entertained with her toys and ill have a few bottles for her pumped milk and formula. If I have to ill have my tablet with me and she could watch YouTube with me. Now for the bags in the car there will be one for hubby and one for myself also ill have a bag full of work stuff and my camera equipment for pictures. There also going to be a bag full of food and drinks. For hubby he will have some monsters and water and some soda for me water and soda to drink. As for the food we will have sandwiches and crackers and pretzels and fruit and ill have my cookies that help with milk for feeding baby girl.

For the gifts ill be posting about that another time. A lot are handmade this year only a few are bought and that are for some of the kids. With this being our first time traveling with baby girl we are a little nervous as we do not know what she will do. I will post about the trip when we get there. I do know we will be listening to Christmas music. Ive always loved listening to Christmas music this time of year. Yes there is a bag of work stuff as I am trying to start my own business so I have some stuff I’m working on for some friends and other projects for Christmas. I will keep posting as much as I can.

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Stay At Home Mom

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Staying home to take care of my daughter its fun but tough to. I am loving it my daughter is 3 months now and is spoiled by her dad and my parents. It does get boring at times here so I have been working on crafts and doing the chores that always need done. So when I done all that and have nothing to do because she is sleeping I work on my plastic canvas projects and photo editing and reading.

What do I do day to day well that changes everyday as baby girl sometimes does not nap she will fight it. Usually its up at 4 or 5 feed baby girl and change her then back to sleep till 7 to feed baby girl and change her again and I’m up the rest of the day. breakfast for me as hubby sleeps during the day which kind of sucks because I cant really clean the bedroom. But back to the schedule I do after breakfast I get baby girl dressed if we have plans if not she stays in her PJ’s. As for me I get ready and do dishes if there is any and sweep and mop the floor. If its grocery day we do that every two weeks I try to buy meats for the month on the 5th and fruits and vegetables every two weeks. As for laundry I do that twice a week.

Lunch time for me and baby is usually 12 for her 11 and I snack through the day for me to keep up my milk and I keep a 32oz thermos of water with me threw the day. Now every third Friday baby girl and I have a bibs meeting. I love going to that as I met some friends there and so did baby girl. We do meet our friends sometimes threw the week. As for dinner we usually have that around five or six. Now I try to have meals planed out for the month or every two weeks. Baby girl eats every two to three hours. Bedtime for baby girl we try for nine but sometimes she will not go to sleep till eleven she likes talking to her Grand mama and Pawpaw and playing with her daddy so it takes me awhile to get her to sleep.

This is usually the schedule we have but it changes a lot with our schedule we could have doctor appointments or go meet friends. It will be getting more busy for us I’m planning to add some walks at the park for me to get back in shape and for us to get out some. It just hard for me to put this all down as like I said it changes everyday with baby girl.

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First Time Mom Living In A RV

So is it easy living in a rv with a newborn no not really but I bet it’s the same living in a house or apartment as well. First you need to find storage for all the baby stuff. Second you need a bed for baby set up in the rv. Third a changing station for baby. Fourth bottle station for formula and or breastmilk. Fifth breastfeeding station. Sixth were to put a swing and a mat for tummy time. So lets get started show we.

1. Storage ok so this is still a work in progress for me as we are switching her clothes out from newborn and 0 to three months to three months to six months so here it goes. The first drawer has her socks. The second drawer has her shoes. The third drawer has her mittens. The fourth drawer has her sleepers and nightgowns. The fifth drawer has her onesies and shirts. The sixth drawer has her pants and shorts. On the hangers are her dresses.

As for her toys they are in a storage bin and we keep it on a hanging shelf. For sheets we also keep them on a shelf. All her extra baby blankets are packed up under the bed. For her towels and wash clothes they are in a door organizer.

2. Bed were does she sleep. In the rv there use to be a bunkbed we took the top one off and tired the bottome one into her bed. There is a baby bed there and on the bed we have her bassinet for her to sleep in till she can not anymore. The bedding for the bed is a elephant with flowers and a butterfly. Since she is in a bassinet right now we keep some of her blankets and spit up rags and extra wipes and diapers at the foot of the baby bed.

3. Changing station ok so this one was hard for me At first but we figured it out. Since the dresser I wanted to use would not work in our rv we found a small coffee table that we use for her changing station and when its not used for that we use it for a foot prop. So what does it look like well here it is. So what’s in the diaper caddy well lets see diapers, wipes, baby powder, lotion, thermometer, ointment, diaper rash cream, passies, and nose stuff.

4. Bottle station area for little one. Well since we don’t have a lot of space we have a basket that holds her bottles she use right now. The other ones are in the door organizer right now as she can not use them yet.

5. Breastfeeding stations. I have two areas for breastfeeding/pumping. First one is by the couch and changing station I keep my pump and parts and a shield and and some breast pads for leaking and a spit up rag there with a few snacks and my water. The second one is by my bed I keep some snacks and a spit up rag and some breast pads and shield and my water cup.

6. Swing and mat for tummy time lets see were I put it. The swing is small so I move it around were ever ill be so she can play in it. Usaly by the couch is were we put it same for tummy time.

So this is how I mange living in a rv with my baby. Next time ill write about our day and how we go thru it. I hope this might help moms that are going to be living in a rv with a baby or already are.

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Sorry for not posting in awhile

Sorry all for not posting in awhile there has been a lot going on for the family.

My sweet baby brother passed away Jun 4th this last year. We just had his birthday on the 1st of Jun.

Then finding out the Hubby had a tumor but he is ok now will need to be checked every year as he is a carrier.

So after that scare we got some awesome news we are going to be parents 🙌. We are excited about this its our 1st little baby for us. We are due August 23 🙌 we can’t weight. My parent’s will be taking 2 weeks off to come be with us.

After all this we packed up and moved to Texas. So the Hubby can be with his family since we have gotten out of the military.

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